Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Media - Russia Connection

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Russia-Russia-Russia ploy against Donald J. Trump has always seemed weird to me since it has always been the Democrat liberal left in this country that has always been more cozy with communism, and have stood against things like property ownership and the concept of Natural Rights.  Why would the Russians want Trump to be President of the United States when Democrat Party policies and personnel are always more favorable towards communists and Russia?  The Democrat Party's connection to socialism has always run deep.  Bernie Sanders, who ran as a Democrat in the 2016 Presidential Election is a self-avowed socialist, and perhaps even a straight out communist.  Heck, Trevor Loudon's Enemies Within book and movie points out a hundred Democrat members of the House of Representatives and about twenty members of the U.S. Senate who have ties to socialists and communist groups.  The list of communists associated with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is staggering.

I have seen the Democrat Party's pointing of a finger at Trump colluding with Russia in the same way I imagine a kid in a schoolyard pointing a finger at some random kid as the teacher approaches him, hoping to deflect the blame on someone else, well-knowing that it was indeed he himself who was guilty of the schoolyard crime all along.  In truth, it was never about collusion with Russia, anyway.  Trump represents the greatest danger to the leftist establishment in a very long time, and really this "hate Trump" business is more about hating him (and hating America) for disrupting the plans of the Democrat Establishment than it is about any Russian connection.

Special Counsel Mueller's investigation has flushed out 13 Russians for indictment, showing that indeed there was a Russian attempt to interfere with our election - something I thought might be the case, but any collusion would be with the Democrats; not Trump.  My first question was, "since when have we doubted that Russia has tried to meddle in any of our elections?"  My second question was, "when did the Democrats suddenly determine that Russia was the enemy?"  As long as I have been involved in politics, the Democrats have been apologists for our traditional enemy across the seas.  It has been the Democrats who have put down the concept of a "red-scare," and have been demanding we press a "reset button" with Russia.

The thing is, President Barack Obama knew about the Russian threat in 2014, before Trump got into the campaign.  Why did Obama do nothing about it?  Could it be that his entire life Obama has run shoulder to shoulder with communists, and he was figuring Russia's interference would be for the purpose of benefiting Hillary Clinton's campaign, not that of any Republican?

The media itself has a history of supporting communism in their reporting; be it recent cases of the New York Times tweeting favorably about Communist China, to the mainstream media's swooning over North Korea's sister of the pudgy dictator.  The violent protesters shouting down capitalism, the thugs of Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, and the wannabe revolutionaries of Antifa are proudly communist (and allies with Islamic terror) - from Berkeley's "Ungovernable" who demand silencing the free speech of their allegedly fascist opposition to communist/Nazi influence being puppeteered by Billionaire George Soros who predicted the chaos of communist and racially-charged revolution in the United States.  The Democrats elected a communist-sympathizer to be President of the United States from 2009 to 2017, for God's Sake - and yet, we are supposed to believe the Russians wanted Trump to be President?

The younger generation has been so convinced that Soviet Union style communism is a good thing, that they have now begun to accept its symbolism, and prefer that the United States be a socialist country, as a result of Democrat Party allies controlling the message in academia (especially through Common Core), through musicians, through the entertainment industry, in the talk-show circuit, and in the media.  They are the communists who have always rallied for Russian-style communismIt is the Democrats who celebrate May Day.  The liberal left are the Russian collusion artists.  Yet, they want everyone to believe it is Trump who is in bed with our historically communist enemy.  There is a global communist revolution going on, and it is the Democrats who are knee-deep in it, not Donald J. Trump or the GOP.

Democrat policy follows in line with Marx's Communist Manifesto, line by line.  It has been the Democrats who have welcomed communists into government positions.  It has been the Democrats who normalized relations with Communist Cuba.

The thing is, the news media has truly been the complicit ones when it came to meddling with the Russians in the election, be it about the Russian Dossier, helping Russia sow discord by helping promote Russian pushed anti-Trump Rallies, or even hard left Democrat Michael Moore getting in on helping with Russian-backed anti-Trump Rallies.

For me, when it comes to which ideology works, the proof is in the pudding.  We can look at Trump's improving economy, or what the liberal left has done to San Francisco.  The fact that the Democrats were willing to collude with the Russians, and participate in cheating to win the Presidential Election (and any other election, for that matter) simply shows us how debauched the Democrat Party really is.

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