Saturday, April 23, 2016

American Daily Review: Birds of a Feather

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Sometimes we feel like the politicians are a part of some grand scheme to destroy America.  Are they working together to bring down our freedom?  Or are the flying rats of the two political parties really just that stupid?

Arrogance, elitism, and a desire for power.  No wonder we've been spending a lifetime not wanting to talk about politics.  The problem is, our silence has made us complicit.

We are faced with a myriad of opportunities, if only we would take a stand.  Here's the issues we will be discussing on today's American Daily Review Radio to inform you of what's really going on:

AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week, April 23, 2016:

17. More than Shooting Clay Pigeons

16. Birdman: There was a story about a man who collected birds in prison. . . The Democrats collect prisoners. . .

15. Obama's Communist Buddies Chicken Out

14. Chicago lays more eggs

13. The Crowing of Obamacare Supremacy

12. Obama Roosts as King over Europe

11. Eight Clucks

10. Odd Birds, and how we feed their mental illnesses. . .

9. The Buzzards of Planned Parenthood

8. Why did the Mexican cross the road?

7. Muslim Pigeons: ISIS has banned pigeon breeding because the sight of the bird's genitals when is flies overhead is "offensive".  The sight of Muslim terrorists should be considered just as offensive. . . but isn't.

6. Iran puts another bird in the air

5. Chinese Communists May Not Fly the Coup

4. Russia's Imperial Squawking

3. Economic Divebomb

2. Pigeonholed: Americans may be ready to set Trump aside for Cruz. . . perhaps.

1. Earthquakes in Various Places

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