Saturday, November 21, 2015

Constitution Radio and ADR: Islam and the Enabler President

Last Night America's Constitution Authority Douglas V. Gibbs attended the Heritage Foundation event in Newport Beach, California, Reclaim America.  As a Heritage Foundation Sentinel, Doug had the chance to get together with Senator Jim DeMint to talk about a few topics, and reminisce about when Senator DeMint was on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs as a guest.  During the event, Doug asked a panel of experts about what the plans are to address the dangerous practice of Baseline Budgeting, and how we can reduce the National Debt.  Doug also had the opportunity to reacquaint himself with longtime friends, and make new contacts.  On Constitution Radio today Doug will discuss last night's meeting, but don't forget there are three hours of radio to listen to.  Douglas V. Gibbs and Jim "JASmius" Sondergeld, today, will be bringing to you Three Hours of hard-hitting radio using the Constitution as the foundation of the discussions. . .  (Note, at 1pm to listen to Constitution Radio go to the KMET 1490-AM page.  To catch the archived podcast if you missed the program, go to the Constitution Radio show page.)

11:00 am American Daily Review with JASmius, Doug is a co-host for the 2-hour online radio program.

ADR kicks off the morning with two hours of political commentary through the lens of the United States Constitution.  With JASmius at the engineering board, and working with Doug (who provides constitutional commentary), the program is sure to be a rip-roaring ride through the issues that have emerged over the last week.  JASmius's keen ability to help fill in the blanks with important details will be sure to ensure that you are fully informed about the issues at hand.

Then, after the ADR comes to an end, the final hour of the 3-Hour Weekend Radio Extravaganza kicks off on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs. . .

1:00 pm Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs, live flagship program starring Douglas V. Gibbs, Alex Ferguson and Jim "JASmius" Sondergeld.
KMET 1490-AM

Doug and JASmius will be joined by Alex during this third hour of the programming brilliance that is the ADR/Constitution Radio 3-Hour blast, and that is when we go into sprint-mode.

Aside from the Constitution Quest Question of the Week, and the Book of the Week, on Constitution Radio, here is the list of topics we will be addressing on American Daily Review and Constitution Radio!

The AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week, November 21, 2015:

10. Constitution Corner: Budgeting begins with Constitutional Federal Spending

9. Democrat Party Criminals

8. Courts Side with States on Obama Immigration Executive Action

7. Obama Health Care Policy Collapse, Presidential Collapse

6. Repealing Free Speech

5. Helter Skelter

4. Battlefront

3. Inviting the Enemy In

2. Reclaim America: Heritage Foundation Event in Newport Beach, California

1. Paris Attacks: Aftermath

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